Brian Arandez

Brian Arandez Began working with the Vosht Capital executive team in 2015 and officially joined the team in 2017.  Mr. Arandez started his career in 2004 while earning his B.S. in Computer Science at the University of the Philippines, focusing on piloting new software systems outsourced by US startups. After finishing his studies Mr. Arandez was asked to lead one his teams to Japan to outline and structure software packages for two of the largest telecom companies, KDDT and NTT.

Prior to Vosht Mr. Arandez held key positions at –

  • KDDI & NTT – While working with KDDI & NTT, Mr. Arandez organized his team and successfully structured software packages.
  • Mizuho, one of Japan’s leading Security Firms – At Mizuho, Mr. Arandez utilized his expertise by constructing a high frequency trade system boosting efficiency.
  • 3D Printing – Upon moving to the United States, Mr. Arandez founded a 3D printing company just as the technology was making the scene gaining upwards of 200 tech clients in his first year.  Thusly, Mr. Arandez has been invited to be strategic partners on several tech companies.
  • Maroon Vault – Through partnerships in the Industrial Design space, Mr. Arandez has built Maroon Vault—a design agency with strong relationships in the 3D printing and manufacturing industry.

Brian lives in sunny Southern California while making trips back to the Philippines and Japan from time to time.