Choenho Duong

Choenho Duong joined the Vosht team in 2016 and quickly took the reigns as Director of Business Development. Since 2016 Mr. Duong has developed strategic partnerships in Southern California, Silicon Valley and East Asia.  Born in Hong Kong and raised in Paris, Mr. Duong brings a unique globalized perspective to Vosht.

As Director of Business Development, Mr. Duong works to streamline the investment process for our partners. With his position Mr. Duong stays current with the startup communities with emphasis especially in the Silicon Valley and Silicon Beach communities.

Mr. Duong made the journey to the United States after finishing High School in 1998. He studied at East LA College upon his arrival becoming fluent in English after a year. After 2.5 years Mr. Duong transferred to UCLA and graduated with a B.A. in Business Economics in 2003.

Prior to joining Vosht Capital Mr. Duong has held the following key positions:

  • Jamison Properties – The largest Real Estate Developer in Koreatown where Mr. Duong started as an intern underwriting key projects and eventually becoming personal assistant to the CEO.
  • Champion Development Group – Mr. Duong took a position as staff accountant at Champion Development Group in Brentwood, California. At CDG Mr. Duong used his talents to balance CDG’s books after a year of inaccuracies. After a few years Mr. Duong decided to return to school at UC Irvine to pursue his MBA.

At Irvine Mr. Duong had a full time position as an accounting specialist at National Water & Power. During his tenure at NWP he specialized in maintaining positive relations with clients by working with them to adjust contracts.

In his free time Mr. Duong enjoys weightlifting as well as the discipline of Kendo, a Japanese martial art. Mr. Duong also has an avid passion for movies and the film industry. Mr. Duong lives in Southern California where he cherishes time with his family. Some of his other passions include chess, basketball, and strategy games.