Patrick O’Donnell

Patrick O’Donnell is the Director of Business Relations at Vosht Capital. Since joining the team in 2014 Mr. O’Donnell has played a part in different roles in the company. As Director of Business Relations Mr. O’Donnell underwrites projects, collaborates with and invests in his team on key development projects, as well as streamlining the investment process for investors and partners. Along with these skills Mr. O’Donnell also looks at different ways Vosht can improve efficiency.

Prior to Vosht Mr. O’Donnell was studying at Orange Coast College in pursuance of his Associates Degree in Business. While competing on the OCC men’s swimming and diving team, Mr. O’Donnell was taking classes at UC Irvine where he was working towards his B.A. in Political Science. During this period, Mr. O’Donnell joined the Vosht team specializing in underwriting value add commercial real estate assets. After bringing in $10mm of acquisitions Mr. O’Donnell moved into an Associate Director of Business Relations role devoting and committing time and effort into forging out new relationships for Vosht.

After getting situated in his role as Associate Director of Business Relations, Mr. O’Donnell invigorated the Vosht team by bringing in several key team members which eventually led to his current position as Director of Business Relations. Mr. O’Donnell is very strategy oriented and spearheaded efforts to build a presence in the Northern California Venture Capital Markets.

With an ambitious passion to learn, innovate, and grow from within, Mr. O’Donnell has become a figure in the Southern California Real Estate Investing groups. Mr. O’Donnell lives in Southern California where he enjoys swimming, playing basketball, and integrating himself into the UC Irvine StartUp scene. He competes in US Masters swimming with Golden Road Aquatics out of Burbank where he has had the fastest times of his life. Along with being active Mr. O’Donnell enjoys playing with the cryptocurrency markets, studying, creating new ideas, and bridging the gap between ICO and IPO.