Values & Principles

“We like to think of our investors not only as partners but as friends as well. One of our core values is the relationship. We are not in the business of aggregating capital for short-term gains.”

We strive to invest in all of our partners because we are all on the same team. The relationship is the backbone of what we represent at Vosht.
We envision every investor of ours as a partner and friend and we want every partner to have an institutional investing experience conducted in a personable way.
Going Beyond Today’s Trends
With all of the technological, political, and financial advancements over the last 100 years it’s important to note that this pace of change is accelerating rapidly. As leaders in the Fintech and VC space it is imperative that we become adaptable. Vosht and its teams are aware of these impending changes which has enabled us to cultivate the best strategic partnerships with leaders in all industries. The world of 2030 and beyond will be even more interconnected than it is today shaping a different type of playing field for the next generation of players. Vosht is taking a direct approach into structuring partnerships in this globalized world. We have built and maintained relationships in East Asia, the Philippines, Russia, and Europe.

Lastly, we believe that heavy financial due diligence should always be one of the key factors in determining whether or not a project is viable. This is why Vosht tends to invest in revenue driven opportunities in all Vosht verticals.

Let’s make something great together.