Vosht consistently exceeds expectations for investors, tenants and company partners.


This is accomplished by bucking the additional market driven trends and focusing on long term strategies with “win-win” expansion.

Investors can expect long term value and immediate returns.


Operators can expect access to unique properties with favorable terms to support their focus on growth and expansion.

More often than not, those decisions are blind reactions to often temporary fluctuations.


We believe that no business with the right focus and drive to grow should be impeded to its access to the right industrial properties. The best possible space at the right time is key!


Businesses with a strong growth model in highly focused industries are encouraged to find out more about Vosht Capital.  Locating the right property for your next move it vital.  We have the resources and expertise to guide you every step of the way.


Vosht Capital consistently acquires high quality investment properties priced significantly below market. We are committed to ongoing improvement of our assets through targeted value-add initiatives and hands-on management, always engaging premier local specialists and expertise. Our highly focused and ongoing efforts result in solid returns that exceed expectations. We do this within a low-leverage or non-leveraged low risk profile structure.


We aid in significantly enhancing value by providing management with patient capital and operating support. Whether you are an investor looking to secure investment in industrial real estate, or you are an operator looking to secure your next property, Vosht is here to help!