Investors & Partners

Vosht Capital is an established leader in venture capital and asset management. We are a reliable partner to many of the world’s top individual, semi-institutional, and institutional investors.

We have an ‘impact first’ approach to capital, carefully positioning our partner’s capital in sustainable projects with attractive exit strategies. By having a hands on investment approach we stimulate companies and better position them for long term growth.

Our ultimate goal is to support the global community by reinforcing entrepreneurship with conservative finance principles while working with communities to create new jobs.

Long-Term Returns & Capital Preservation

Through a meticulous application of our intellectual resources and financial capital, Vosht and our partners share in this delivery of enhanced returns and capital preservation over the long-run. At Vost Capital, all of our projects share and reflect our mission of positive impact, social change, and exceptional performance with the highest returns.

Our Clients First

Being on the same page as our clients’ interest is the centerpiece of our asset management values. Vosht and its esteemed executives have dedicated a lot to our investment funds, warranting that our interests are always aligned with those of our clients and investors. We fit our investment strategies to clients’ specific needs. This approach has led to a high level of client satisfaction: over 90% of our investor base has reinvested and along with new investment partners allow us the ability to quickly and effectively execute profitable transactions.

Due Dilligence

Having a strategic game-plan is the focal point of our each and every venture we take on. To be sharp and executable, Vosht and its teams spend many hours of due diligence knowing the ins and outs of each potential project asking all the “what ifs?”. We analyze not only risks but growth-potentials striving to find projects with multiple exit strategies. Our skillful teams work methodically to test the waters to find any potential pitfalls to ensure projects are feasibly sound.

Let’s make something great together.