Venture Capital

A Recipe for Exceptional Results

Our Collaborative Acquisition Strategy

  • Incubators and Accelerators
    • Maintaining key relationships with incubators and accelerators worldwide
    • Capitalizing on opportunities through early inside access
  • Government and Business
    • Insinuating ourselves into local, county, and state governments
    • Partnering – up front and up close – with local and regional expertise and specialists
    • Keeping our ear to the ground – maintaining key personnel throughout the major financial markets
  • Dedication to Gathering Exceptional Intelligence
    • Mining for and applying metrics, data, and general information beyond depths normally sought
    • A foundational commitment to finding new and often unknown opportunities
    • Rooting out and building on existing businesses with well-defined revenue models

Our Abiding Respect for Personal Engagement

  • Relationships Underpinning Our Work
    • Prioritizing the unique value of intimate involvement in our local communities
    • Critical focus on long term relationships in long term business
    • Personal and hands-on involvement in ALL investments and partnerships – ALWAYS
  • The Practical Nature of a True ‘Win-Win-Win’ Commitment
    • Concerted involvement in creating new jobs and, when possible, bringing jobs home to our local communities
    • Strong philanthropic commitment, local and more broadly, to good global stewardship
    • Creating a new dimension of value in building interactive investor communities

Our Crafted Exit Strategy Scope

  • Exit Flexibility
    • Building in access to both short and long-term exit strategies
    • Designing in off-ramps accommodating seamless exit opportunity options
    • Avoiding any overall interruption in custom tailoring individual investment exits
  • Leveraging Hands-On Involvement
    • Assisting partner businesses through traditional liquidity events (i.e. IPO’s or M&A’s)
    • Supporting token generating events (i.e. ICO’s) and other modern liquidation strategies


The constantly adapting tech industry is a perennial focus of Vosht Capital.

Our investment choices, ranging from Seed+ through Series A, undergo a stringent due diligence process.

We bring some of the world’s most accomplished and successful minds to the businesses we select to invest in for support, advice, and the benefit of shared experience.


Vosht Capital invests in cutting-edge biotech startups that demonstrate the capacity to bring promising and innovative solutions to market.

We enable selective startups to move past Series A to further funding, and ultimately, to industry success.


Exemplified by our partnerships with companies that often transform productivity, sustainability, and distribution efficiencies, Vosht Capital has established a strong presence in agricultural tech.

The companies we invest in are afforded greatly sought-after access to a wide range of resources and highly experienced and accomplished thought leaders.

This provides an invaluable contribution to our portfolio companies in scaling their businesses efficiently and effectively.


Over time, Vosht Capital has demonstrated a special talent in finding well positioned businesses that produce exceptional consumer packaged products and goods.

Vosht’s primary aim is always to assist our partners in achieving their highest possible margins, further accelerating growth.

This kind of support is essential in achieving the levels of success we demand of ourselves and are committed to for our partners and our investors.

Let’s make something great happen together.