Venture Capital

Our Core Focus

Sourcing. Vosht Capital maintains key relationships with incubators and accelerators nationwide to source vetted deals for our capital. We also maintain an on the ground team to find unique deals that other companies may not have had the resources to dig for. The Vosht network extends across the United States as well as certain global markets and we maintain key personnel in major financial markets leading to a higher quality deal flow.

Analytics. This is at the core of Vosht’s due diligence strategy. We believe that every successful business has a solid foundation of financials. Vosht’s strategy is to invest in revenue driven businesses that have a well defined revenue model allowing Vosht to standardize its strict due diligence process across all market verticals.

Operations. The experience and relationships brought by Vosht is the sustenance behind our winning projects. Our internal capital blended with strategic partnerships creates bold wins. We take a hands on approach to every company we invest with. This is all part of the Vosht Mentality and is at the core of our operation strategy.

Liquidity. To best serve our partners, we focus on venture investments that have a clearly defined path toward liquidity. We understand the needs of our partners thus we place in ventures that will provide both short and long term returns on investment. Vosht helps our operating partners achieve liquidity through both traditional liquidity events (IPO or M&A) and modern liquidation strategies such as token generating events (ICO).


One of Vosht’s perennial focuses is the constantly adapting tech industry. First and foremost each venture we take goes through a stringent due diligence process, asking all the “what ifs?”, while following our internal checklists.

The projects we invest in range from Seed+ through Series A. Our team of accomplished partners have worked with some of the world’s most successful minds bringing their ideas to life.


Vosht invests in leading-edge biotech startups focusing on the brain as well as medical devices and healthcare services.

Our approach is one that doesn’t only provide the funding for these innovative ventures, but our approach is to put the proper forces in line to get these startups past series A to the next round of funding or ultimately from concept to market.


Vosht has a strong presence in the agricultural tech space, pairing with companies that improve productivity, sustainability, and distribution efficiency.

We operate with the best management teams with validated business models ensuring us the most appealing exit strategies. To achieve this we look for companies with the best position to scale.


We have a special talent in finding the best positioned companies in the Food and Beverages industry. Our approach is to find companies focused on creating consumer packaged goods.

We lead companies in the right direction to achieve the highest margins accelerating the highest growth satisfying Vosht, its partners, and investors.

Let’s make something great together.