Hunter Slay

Since 2013 Mr. Slay has served as COO of Vosht Capital. As COO and Partner of Vosht, Mr. Slay oversees project schedules to ensure smooth and streamlined operations. As well as project management, Mr. Slay personally underwrites every deal that Vosht takes on, devoting much of his time to calculated due diligence.

Much of Mr. Slay’s current personal areas of interests are in VR/AR, Blockchain, music production, and Biotech. During his time before Vosht, Mr. Slay has assisted in pre-revenue, start-up, and middle-market businesses in a variety of industries.

He has spent several years in the development cycle working with city officials, architects, engineers, and other public offices. His ultimate goal is to produce sustainable growth strategies to Vosht projects while bringing in the experience and partnerships that helps companies to succeed. Having a good deal isn’t just enough, Mr. Slay personally brings in the partnerships to make good deals great.